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-Full of LIFE-
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Our corporate philosophy, "Full of LIFE," derives from our efforts to realize "science and medicine that bring hope and ensure a quality way of life." Our mission is to enable patients suffering diseases and injuries to spend healthy lives that are "full of life," and this mission should be achieved through regenerative medicine that stimulates the intrinsic healing power in the living body and enables regeneration of living tissue.

Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. was established based on its predecessor, Olympus Biomaterial Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corp. that was established in 2004 in an attempt to advance the biomaterial business and study of regenerative medicine.

In 2005, the business of Boneceram, which was made mainly from hydroxyapatite, was transferred from Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. to Olympus Biomaterial to expand its lineup of bone replacement products. Olympus Biomaterial was based on the biomaterial business of Olympus, which released the "OSferion" bone replacement material made from β-TCP (β-tricalcium phosphate) in 1999.

In April 2007, Olympus Biomaterial was integrated with the collagen products business of Terumo Corp. in an attempt to develop a new artificial bone composite material, and became a jointly owned company of Olympus and Terumo and changed its name to Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. The integration of business allowed the company to expand its scope of development of biomaterial products by adding to its lineup the Terudermis dermal graft, an artificial dermis that mainly consists of collagen, and the Teruplug, which promotes the healing of tooth extraction wounds.

We are aiming to achieve early realization of regenerative medicine that regenerates body tissue such as bone, cartilage, and skin by combining the biomaterials such as ceramic, collagen, composite materials and metal.

We will make our best efforts to deliver the "Full of Life" to people through our products by promoting research and development activities and business operations on a global scale, mainly focusing on our business in Japan and overseas.

President Hiroshi Hashimoto