Product information

Device Description

TERUDERMIS is made of atelocollagen with less antigenicity which is produced from calf dermal collagen by treatment with protease to digest the telopeptide. Since biocompatibility of collagen itself is maintained due to thermal cross-linkage processes, the TERUDERMIS reconstructs dermis-like tissue (granulo-like tissue) by infiltration of the patient's own cell when attached to a dermal or mucosal defect.
A collagen is a protein that exists most abundantly in animal skin, tendon, and bone. The structure of collagen is changed by manufacturing condition and the structure affects its biological properties. TERUDERMIS consists of "fibrillar atelocollagen" (FAC) and "heat-denatured collagen" (HAC). The FAC has a function of scaffold for reconstruction and the HAC enhances infiltration of cells and capillaries from contacted tissue.

[Launched countries: Japan, Korea, Taiwan R.O.C.]


  • 1. The collagen layer is made of a low antigenic atelocollagen that is produced from a calf dermal collagen eliminated the telopeptide by a preparation of protease.
  • 2. Due to treatment by preparation of the thermal cross-linkage proceses, biocompatibility of the collagen itself is maintained, thus enabling the TERUDERMIS collagen layer itself to reconstruct dermis-like tissue (granulo-like tissue) by the patient's own cell infiltration.
  • 3. Offers good adhesion and reduces pain.
  • 4. Applicable to deep wounds (exposed bone, tendon, muscles, etc.)
  • 5. Four types are available: Silicone Membrane Type, Mesh Reinforced Type, Collagen Monolayer Type and Drainage Slits Type.
  • 6. Silicone Membrane Type and Mesh Reinforced Type are equipped with a silicone membrane layer (or silicone membrane reinforced with polyester mesh) to prevent infection and control moisture flux like exudates.
  • 7. The Drainage Slits Type has many drainage holes penetrating through collagen layer and silicone membrane layer to drain excessive exudates.
  • 8. Due to manufactured in aseptic conditions, TERUDERMIS is immediately usable for application.

Application Examples

Reconstruction example of dermal defect

Deep dermal defect (Bone, muscle or tendon is exposed)

Apply the Terudermis to the defect

Cells and capillaries infiltrate the collagen sponge from the wound bed. After removing silicone layer, split-thickness shin graft is applied on the Terudermis.

Skin graft has taken.

Reconstruction example of mucosal defect

Deep defect wound exposed Bone or muscle

Apply the Terudermis to the defect

Cells and capillaries infiltrate the collagen sponge from the wound bed.

Mucoepithelization has been finished.